A goal is something we aim to achieve, an end result.
For example quality service, market leadership, number one sales person or employer of choice.

Our goals are our motivation.

An objective is a deliverable, it is measurable and within a timeframe. For example $23m by year end, 10 sales meetings per month or 90% staff utilisation per month.

Objectives support goals.

This is how we are going to achieve our goals, these are what we should do. For example implement a quality review process, add extra product functionality or increase product marketing in a specific vertical sector.

Strategies support Objectives.

Plans are specific elements of the strategy. They are what we are going to do in the short term (next 30 days) to move the strategy on.
For example select a marketing agency by the end of October or complete the product specification by October.

Plans support Strategies.

Actions are day to day activities and are specific details of a plan.
For example ring Bill at Alpha Marketing Services.

Actions support Plans.

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Client Quotes

"When a new management team is appointed
to "turn the boat around" the pressure is on for immediate results. I have used the GOSPA
planning process to identify, communicate
and implement change for over 15 years and
it has not let me down yet."

James Gagnard
CEO of Questra Corp

"The GOSPA process allowed us to go from
a technology company to a customer focused company. As a result, we were able to integrate
our remote operations and have increased our
revenue by 40%."

Jay Jarrell
VP Worldwide Sales, Objectivity Corp

"The GOSPA model has had a significant impact
on the way we run our business. It has provided
a common "language" and has resulted in
significant empowerment of all staff. By cascading
our company GOSPA to all levels and staff then
writing their own GOSPA, with their manager,
it provides real motivation and a real sense
of doing the job the way you want to do it."

"Objectives are clear cut and ensure absolute
understanding of what we are trying to achieve
and the process readily identifies where
a strategy is actually a complete waste of time."

"Finally, the training was very effective and
implementation good value especially as
representatives from all areas of the company
were involved."

Richard Higgs
Managing Director of Strategic Thought Limited

“We recently re-organised the operation into
three separate product divisions. GOSPA proved
essential in that process. We then went on to
raise additional finance for the different divisions
using the GOSPA formula to communicate with
external consultants and financiers.
It certainly worked for us.”

Matthias Frei
Managing Director - Micram

"GOSPA improves communication at all levels
of the organisation. Externally, we have also
found the common language of GOSPA
proves vital with our worldwide client base.
Internally GOSPA makes performance reviews
a more productive and less painful process.
It removes subjective opinion and provides
a logical objective approach.
People practically write their own reviews
against their personal GOSPAs."

David Parsons
General Manager - Cimsys Ltd

"In my experience, in most instances GOSPA
has been used when a company has wanted
to accelerate change, in order to meet its
new Goals. Often this need to change has
been required in order to meet market
competition or as is more common a changing
market place. GOSPA will enable you to
accelerate the implementation of your new
Goals and therefore see the results and
benefits sooner."

Colin Phillips
Founder and CEO of GOSPA Planning.com


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