A goal is something we aim to achieve, an end result.
For example quality service, market leadership, number one sales person or employer of choice.

Our goals are our motivation.

An objective is a deliverable, it is measurable and within a timeframe. For example $23m by year end, 10 sales meetings per month or 90% staff utilisation per month.

Objectives support goals.

This is how we are going to achieve our goals, these are what we should do. For example implement a quality review process, add extra product functionality or increase product marketing in a specific vertical sector.

Strategies support Objectives.

Plans are specific elements of the strategy. They are what we are going to do in the short term (next 30 days) to move the strategy on.
For example select a marketing agency by the end of October or complete the product specification by October.

Plans support Strategies.

Actions are day to day activities and are specific details of a plan.
For example ring Bill at Alpha Marketing Services.

Actions support Plans.

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What about Impementation

For GOSPA to succeed it must be implemented from the top down.
This means for each level of management training is required.

A typical impementation package comprises:
1-2 Days Executive Training
1 Day Corporate Training
2 Days Follow Up Training
1 Day Review as required

Executive training includes a GOSPA training course and assistance to write the first level GOSPA.

This training is usally split over two 3-4 hour sessions or can be an intensive single day.

Each training class lasts 4-5 hours at the end of which everyone understands the GOSPA process and has written a simple GOSP.

Follow up training includes the review and modification of individual GOSPAs.

Review days can be carried out as required or on a regular monthly or quarterly basis. To monitor and ensure successful implementation of the process.

When people are experienced in writing GOSPAs then it will usually only take two iterations to achieve an agreed final version. This will then enable a company to "cascade" its GOSPA down to more levels of employees.


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