A goal is something we aim to achieve, an end result.
For example quality service, market leadership, number one sales person or employer of choice.

Our goals are our motivation.

An objective is a deliverable, it is measurable and within a timeframe. For example $23m by year end, 10 sales meetings per month or 90% staff utilisation per month.

Objectives support goals.

This is how we are going to achieve our goals, these are what we should do. For example implement a quality review process, add extra product functionality or increase product marketing in a specific vertical sector.

Strategies support Objectives.

Plans are specific elements of the strategy. They are what we are going to do in the short term (next 30 days) to move the strategy on.
For example select a marketing agency by the end of October or complete the product specification by October.

Plans support Strategies.

Actions are day to day activities and are specific details of a plan.
For example ring Bill at Alpha Marketing Services.

Actions support Plans.

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What are the Benefits

GOSPA Planning's benefits are tangible and immediate. It enables business and organisational changes to be made quickly and with reduced costs through:-


Clear analysis and definition of the goals and strategies to be implemented


A cascading implementation process that enables:-

Overall company goals to be aligned with regional, departmental and individual goals

A Company culture focused on clear communication and performance at all levels


A clear monitoring process for management to measure and assess success


Enabling companies to quickly assess the validity of their strategies


Providing a process that facilitates more effective remote management


Providing the basis for objective performance reviews


A common language facilitating clear communication at all levels


Improving morale


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