A goal is something we aim to achieve, an end result.
For example quality service, market leadership, number one sales person or employer of choice.

Our goals are our motivation.

An objective is a deliverable, it is measurable and within a timeframe. For example $23m by year end, 10 sales meetings per month or 90% staff utilisation per month.

Objectives support goals.

This is how we are going to achieve our goals, these are what we should do. For example implement a quality review process, add extra product functionality or increase product marketing in a specific vertical sector.

Strategies support Objectives.

Plans are specific elements of the strategy. They are what we are going to do in the short term (next 30 days) to move the strategy on.
For example select a marketing agency by the end of October or complete the product specification by October.

Plans support Strategies.

Actions are day to day activities and are specific details of a plan.
For example ring Bill at Alpha Marketing Services.

Actions support Plans.


GOSPA Planning is a corporate performance management process that is quick to implement and produces measurable results within weeks.

GOSPA represents Goals, Objectives, Strategies, Plans and Actions

Using the GOSPA process improves communication, control, morale, measurement and performance through a set of simple, easy to implement steps.

GOSPA gives management a structure for business planning, change, restructuring, measurement and consistent communication after an initial training period of just a few days.

By using this corporate performance management consultancy process organisations both large and small can benefit whether in the UK, US or Europe.

Read how GOSPA has helped with corporate performance for clients in the UK, US and Europe:

"GOSPA is a exceptionally useful business tool for aligning and focussing everyone in the business. In addition, it is a great process for using with customers, suppliers and on any major project."

Godfrey Adams
Joint Managing Director of Freeway Commerce, UK

"The GOSPA process allowed us to go from a technology company to a customer focused company. As a result we were able to integrate our remote operations and have increased our revenue by 40%."

Jay Jarrell
VP Worldwide Sales,Objectivity Corp, US

"We re-organised the operation into three separate product divisions. GOSPA proved essential in that process. We then went on to raise additional finance using GOSPA to communicate with external consultants and financiers. This corporate performance management consultancy certainly worked for us."

Matthias Frei
Managing Director – Micram Europe

Using GOSPA to manage change
"This corporate performance management consultancy process is a powerful way to accelerate and manage change. Change is often required to meet new competition, a changing market place or a change in management. Clear leadership and communication is essential during times of change. GOSPA is perfect for organisational changes and restructuring. It accelerates the implementation of your new Goals to enable you to see the results and benefits sooner."

Colin Phillips

Founder and CEO of GOSPA Planning

GOSPA Planning the corporate performance management consultancy


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